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Read Full Review I was first introduced to the Loveandfriends website by Mary Balfour who runs the personal introduction agency Drawing Down the Moon some years ago.

It was my first experience of online dating and to begin with I was a little daunted by this whole brave new world of meeting people on the web.

Read Full Review I initially joined Love and Friends as it was marketed as a site for 'thinking people'.

I continue to use it quite happily, and find it easy to navigate and especially like the format of how the profiles of members are set out.

There have been occasions when I needed help from the Administration on several issues, and was delightfully surprised at their quick response in helping and solving the issues in question and their eagerness to help. Read Full Review Loveand has been going since at least 2001.

That makes them one of the original dating sites and they are still going strong.

Just wake up and be savvy about what you sign up to. They tie you in for at least 12 months without good reason.Even if you have not used the site for several years, they will continue to happily take your money for a service you haven't received from them.When you complain, you get a 'read the small print' response…At least with the dating sites, you can cancel at any time.Love and Friends is a online dating site, which I found have lot of UK members to meet up or date.

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The site and the staff who run it I found to be friendly and reassuringly plain speaking.

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