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The most common hardship distributions are for necessary medical care, college tuition and the purchase of a primary residence.

You may also be eligible to take early distributions from your 401(k) account if you agree to take a series of equal payments for a minimum of five years or until you reach age 59.5, whichever comes first.

Vesting schedules dictate the amount of plan contributions that are employee-owned, based on length of service.

The contributions you make are always 100% vested and cannot be forfeited.

If you have only worked for this employer for five years when you decide to withdraw your savings, you are only 50% vested.

In the above example, this means that you are only entitled to withdraw ,500 of your employer's contributions, reducing your total withdrawal to ,500.

However, employer contributions may be subject to a variety of vesting schedules.

If your employer utilizes this plan option, an early withdrawal from your 401(k) may result in the forfeiture of some, or all, of your employer contributions.

This strategy must be crafted carefully, because you cannot just start taking withdrawals in any amount, you have to take RMD per IRS life expectancy charts for tax purposes.In addition, you owe income tax on the full amount of your withdrawal; contributions to standard 401(k) accounts are made with pretax dollars.If your income tax bracket is 20%, for example, your total tax burden for liquidating this account is (,000 * 20%) (,000 * 10%), or ,000.If your employer uses a vesting schedule, the amount of time you have worked may play a large role in how much of your 401(k) you can withdraw before retirement.Some employers use a cliff vesting schedule; if this is the case, you have no ownership of employer contributions until you have worked a minimum number of years.

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Standard distribution regulations for 401(k) retirement accounts require that you reach age 59.5 or become unable to work due to death or permanent disability before you can withdraw funds.

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