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Father and Son is also a photographic work about the masculine figure. The first portraits were therefore taken with my son and my father.Here you will see pure collection of erotic images, photos or whatever you would like tocall them.

Before coming to China, I've questioned myself whether Chinese fathers and sons will give themselves in tenderness with abandon.

Those two examples show what interests me the most, that the father and son who came in for the shoot are also doing it for their own benefit.

I do not need to know their reasons, it's enough for me to feel the intensity of their motivations.

I thought that they might be too modest and the body to body contact would not be as evident as, for example, Brazil.

I was surprised to note that the native Chinese men are very different from the Chinese residents in France that I had the chance to shoot.

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During his residency in Chongqing and Beijing, where he took a series of portraits of Chinese fathers and sons, Korganow shows the unknown side of the country – which the photographer says is quite different from what he saw of Chinese residing in France. This project was born from a question of familial relations asked by my son Marco, who was 5 years of age at that time.