Updating a ceiling Sex chatin for mobile

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Updating a ceiling

We first removed the fan blades and then pulled the gold striping tape off the base of the unit – it’s already better!Next we took out the screws from the base, the arms that hold the fan blades, and finally the light kit.Be sure to turn off the power and then disconnect the light from the base – the hubby is wearing gloves because he’d already started painting.Keep track of the wiring connections so you can put it back together after painting.Still, looking up at the gold fixture made me think about making it over with some spray paint, so this weekend I finally went shopping to do a quick and easy light makeover.We began our light makeover late in the day and although it’s June, we live in Seattle so the photos are taken with just the bedside lamp.For the second fan I just left the motor on the ceiling.This made painting the motor housing really simple. Seems pretty standard that the blades are attached to the motor by a couple of screws and that's it.

Fan blades get super grimy and dusty, esp if near a kitchen which was the case for one of mine.

I’ve wanted to buy a new ceiling fan since we started our master bedroom remodel.

The current fan is probably 20 years old and it shows it; but it’s a good quality fan and it works well so I hate to just dump it because it’s out of style.

One coat was all I did, with a little touching up on the finished product.

For the motor housing, I positioned a 6-foot ladder on one side of the housing attached to the ceiling and painted one half then moved to the other side to paint the second half.

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