Ts post op sex dating speed dating in frederick md

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Ts post op sex dating

You really can't be contacting men unless you are 100 percent sure they would be ok with your situation. Finding love is hard enough, but it must be extra hard in your situation."Would you date a post-op transsexual woman? I think I have a lot to offer but I'm wondering if I'm wasting my time on Plenty of Fish. An absolute necessity for any relationship, including just friendship.... That would indicate that you now have no external male parts, but on a lifetime of hormone supplements, that at your age, many menopausal women are on as well.....

Are there guys here who would even consider dating someone like me? First off, a disclaimer that I cannot begin to understand the psychology behind, but I am going with the metaphor that one was born as a hermaphrodite and decided to make a choice of which parts to keep. Nevertheless, only you can decide if you are wasting your time.

Even on this thread you get some digs - Its as shame but we are not all morons but many many men are. One of my top crushes (I have 4 top crushes whom I like equally) is a post-op trans woman (she's also a celebrity though, and a professional athlete (Thai kickboxer), so she's probably out of my league..she's sweet at least).

There is someone for everyone and not all men will be bothered but it will be small pool Happy fishing and probably best to let them contact you IMHOYes you are wasting your time on here... However, I'm ideally looking for something a little different than most women are looking for, but I'd be open to a monogamous relationship with the right woman, regardless of if she's cisgendered or transgendered.

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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

I can have compassion for you, but I will never be able to fully understand your life; so with honesty, empathy is completely out of my reach.... There are plenty of folks that have been on this site, or off and on this site for a long time and still come to shore empty handed for the long term.... I remember watching a show called Becker, with Ted Dansforth, whereas his best male friend from childhood was unknowingly a post-op transsexual that he was attracted to.

as well as anyone else that has not endured what you have. And yea, the new she had a feminine personality and was hot enough that most men would not really care how she became a she (nor would they likely know unless she told them), as after all, men run into women all the time with fake this and that, so what is the big deal with removing a phallus and creating a vagina....

(But yea, I have a bit of curiosity of how they might create a functional clitoris, let alone a G spot, or the plasma filled glands on each side of the urethra, etc.)....There are other sites more for your personal needs. As a Hetro Male I would NOT date you, not my thing. You will alway have the male x corazone, you will never have the female Y corazome. You'll probably find that many men out there will have difficulty accepting you as a woman.But no more so on Po F than anywhere else online or in life, except maybe some specialized transgender dating sites (I'm on a couple, you can message me if you want to know them, but I don't think either offers much promise--I changed my mail settings to make sure you can contact me if you want).Would it not be best to perhaps check out one of those sites? The other is you totally leave the contacting to the men. Plus, no offense, but you look like a man in a dress.That way you know the guy who is contacting you is totally open to dating you. Another deal-breaker."Well kudos to you for having the balls to post that on your profile. I'm looking for the same thing in a relationship with a guy that most women want. I'm honest about my background -- I've gone through a lot to get where I am today. I think "lookatme" did...lol) has to be a good thing, right?

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So, if you find rejection (welcome to the club), maybe they are simply not attracted to you, which may not have anything to do with being a transsexual, or for some, as have posted, maybe everything.....

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