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Labour was a junior partner in the wartime coalition from 1940–1945.

After the famous 1945 landslide under Clement Attlee (1945–51) it set up the welfare state with the National Health Service, nationalised a fifth of the economy, joined NATO and opposed the Soviet Union in the Cold War.

The party's large majority in the House of Commons was slightly reduced to 167 in the 2001 general election and more substantially reduced to 66 in 2005.

It had no single leader, and in the absence of one, the Independent Labour Party nominee Ramsay Mac Donald was elected as Secretary.A few months later, Jowett founded a branch of the Independent Labour Party in that city.As a member of Bradford City Council, Jowett was responsible for the passage of several important reforms that were eventually adopted by other local authorities.In 1889, a "Progressive" party composed of Fabians and British Liberals took control of London County Council at the first elections held there.This was the first council to have substantial socialist influence, and carried out a programme of municipalisation, while constructing some of the first social housing in England and increasing public spending on services such as the Fire Brigade.

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In the 1895 General Election the Independent Labour Party put up 28 candidates but won only 44,325 votes.