Mandating xsi type attribute in a xml schema 100 urban dating site

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Mandating xsi type attribute in a xml schema

In such a situation it may be undesirable for the XBRL document to make any statement about the precision of the data for future calculations.All that may be known is the number of decimal places.It should be noted that this document has always been an informational guidance document, and not a specification. Recipients are invited to submit comments to [email protected], and to submit notification of any relevant patent rights of which they are aware and provide supporting documentation.In the event of any contradiction between this document and an XBRL International Recommendation, the latter will always take precedence. attributes in XBRL indicate the range in which the actual value of the fact that gave rise to its expressed value in the XBRL instance lies.

This is the best that they have to work with in producing their instance documents.The square bracket is replaced by a parenthesis for end points omitted from the range.Preparers and consumers of XBRL instance documents may need information about the accuracy of numeric facts that are expressed in an instance document.A large segment of the XBRL user community is accustomed to this mechanism and expects to be able to represent numeric facts in this fashion in instance documents.The mechanism in XBRL makes a statement about the accuracy of data so provided.

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From a computer science and processing point of view it may be necessary to know the number of significant figures of accuracy in the representation of a numeric fact.

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