Magnetostratigraphic dating of loess deposits in china Sex chatline free trial

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Magnetostratigraphic dating of loess deposits in china

Within the long-term increasing R value increases by a factor of approximately 2–3 times that of the Pliocene baseline value, continuously increasing from a value of 0.18 at 1.4 Ma to a value of 0.47 at the end of the Pleistocene glaciation.

A strong cooling in the Earth’s climate 2–4 million years ago is believed to be linked to the development of Northern Hemisphere ice sheets and mountain glaciers at high latitudes, which may have triggered an increase in global erosion in the European Alps suggest that erosion increased abruptly at approximately 1 Ma, close to the mid-Pleistocene Transition (MPT).This highly homogenous loess originated from denudation of large mountain areas and represents the average composition of upper continental crust.Systematic investigations of Nd–Sr isotopic signatures indicate a loess source region located in the high mountains around the northern Tibetan Plateau (e.g., the Qilian Mountains and Kunlun Mountains).A total of 40,000 grains were analysed from each sample to achieve high precision in mineral content with uncertainties as low as 0.01%.A total of 23 mineral species were identified in each sample.

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These thick loess sections provide a rare opportunity to investigate the long-term history of bedrock erosion from mountains.

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