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Dating slovak guys

’ And the Slovak girl in the group says, without blinking, that her country has the most beautiful women.At the time I thought that was a bit odd, I was even mildly shocked.They are wired to be attracted to troglodyte macho behavior.A big car and an expensive suit will attract them more easily than anything else.

Older Slovak women can be very highly educated and very well read and uncompromised by capitalist propaganda which leads women to invest more in their bra collection than their brain.

You don’t have to display any real taste in clothing, because then they’ll just assume you’re gay, but just be very typical and try to be as unoriginal as possible. They also think that Slovakia is worthless, so if you are willing to learn Slovak you must be less than worthless, and these women are looking for value and superiority in a man.

Do not learn Slovak if you want to seduce a Slovak girl.

The more books you read, the less chances you have with them.

Stop reading immediately, cancel your subscription to Dennik N, SME and Tyzden (= the so called quality press here in Slovakia) and get a gym subscription. I asked a 30-year old woman what she looks for in a guy and she says: if he’s paying of a mortgage, because that shows responsibility and a long-term commitment.

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The more you tell them, the more you will repel them. They are looking for someone they can introduce to their parents and lady friends and be praised for.

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