Dating in the elizabethan era

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It is impossible to say how many chronicles exist, as the many ambiguities in the definition of the genre make it impossible to draw clear distinctions of what should or should not be included.

However, the Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle lists some 2,500 items written between 3 AD.

In modern times various contemporary newspapers or other periodicals have adopted "chronicle" as part of their name.

Various fictional stories have also adopted "chronicle" as part of their title, to give an impression of epic proportion to their stories.

The most important English chronicles are the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, started under the patronage of King Alfred in the 9th century and continued until the 12th century, and the Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (1577–87) by Raphael Holinshed and other writers; the latter documents were important sources of materials for Elizabethan drama.

Students select a letter and extract information on the reasons why Henry married each wife, the 'problems/issues' the marriage faced and what happened to the marriage.The full breeches would have allowed for ease of movement climbing up and down rigging.The garment owes its survival to generations of painters who kept it in a dressing-up box.Unlike the modern historian, most chroniclers tended to take their information as they found it, and made little attempt to separate fact from legend.The point of view of most chroniclers is highly localised, to the extent that many anonymous chroniclers can be sited in individual abbeys.

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The actor’s wife flaunts her wealth This painting of 22-year-old Joan Alleyn, the wife of actor Edward Alleyn and step-daughter of theatre-owner Philip Henslowe, provides artistic evidence of the growing wealth of the Elizabethan middle classes.