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Opportunities for informative flashbacks (filmed through a gauzy filter) abound.

The show drops the ball on all kinds of things, from its near-total lack of diversity* to the fact that the ongoing sexual assault of a student is framed as a fine romance.

There is love, heartbreak, sex, texting, and a mystery villain named A.Instead, it discusses a “teen’s love affair with her high-school teacher” leading to “some intense physical encounters that stop just before the act itself.” *makes face fitting the definition of outrage* (As a side note, this website also “warns” concerned parents about a sexual relationship between two female leads in the same problematic sentence that frames Aria and Ezra as having a “relationship.” Consenting sexual relationships between teens of any and all genders, gender identities, and sexual orientations are not something that I would consider warning parents about, as healthy expressions of teenage intimacy.But to highlight a consensual same-sex relationships next to a warning about child abuse, is not okay.Because I can’t even adequately begin to articulate my outrage about the subject, I expected some kind of public outrage about the awfulness that is this totally disgusting situation. Much of the online responses to Ezra Fitz the rapist talk about the exciting scandals or mention the issue only in passing.Even a website available as a resource to parents who want to know what their children are watching doesn’t warn about the normalization of the sexual assault of a child.

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In one case my thigh was rubbed as I was being harassed.