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Dating agencies in england

All references in this document to 'members of staff' and ‘employment’ should be interpreted as meaning all paid or unpaid staff and volunteers, including foster carers and prospective adopters.

All references to ‘employers’ should be taken to include any agency or organisation with responsibility for paid or unpaid staff and volunteers, including foster carers and prospective adopters.

It is important to be aware that LADOs do not carry out investigations into allegations – responsibility for the investigation remains with the employer (or whoever is commissioned by the employer to investigate the process) and/or the police.

The LADO can provide advice and, where necessary, co-ordinate the process.

Issues that do not meet this threshold may constitute conduct or disciplinary issues and should be addressed by employers using the appropriate organisational procedures.

Despite all efforts to recruit safely there will be occasions when allegations are made of abuse by staff or volunteers against children.

All organisations which have employees or volunteers working with children should therefore have clear and accessible policies and procedures, consistent with these London Child Protection Procedures, which explain what should happen when allegations about the behaviour of a member of staff or volunteer are raised.

[1] See ‘Staff covered and relevant settings’, Pages 6-8 in Statutory guidance, ‘Disqualification under the Childcare Act 2006’ - Staff are covered by this legislation if they are employed and/or provide early years childcare (this covers the age range from birth until 1 September following a child’s fifth birthday i.e.

up to and including reception age) or later years childcare (this covers children above reception age but who have not attained the age of 8) in nursery, primary or secondary school settings, or if they are directly concerned with the management of such childcare It is also important to note that, whilst not specifically covered by statutory guidance, the risks associated with the wider family and close associates of the member of staff may also need to be considered even if their work with children does not fall within the remit of the statutory guidance.

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See also Local Safeguarding Children Boards Procedure.

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